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The other Bianchi

After pining for a celeste Bianchi for years, as luck and fate would have it a week after picking up my project Bianchi I stumbled another amazing deal on a second one.

The other Bianchi.

This one is complete and just needed a complete tune-up and re-lubing everything. Which means it will probably be back on the road before the first Bianchi. C'est la vie.

Both Bianchis were made in Italy, and the frames look very, very similar. The first one appears to be about a half-centimeter larger, and this one has no pump peg (nor space for one). Other than those details, they look nearly identical, right down to the short-lived "red triangle" Bianchi decals.

This one is -- at least colloquially -- a "Quattro", but there is evidence that Quattro refers to the rebranded SunTour Cyclone groupset and it's actually a Campione Del Mondo. But then there's also evidence all Bianchis got a "Campione Del Mondo" sticker, and that's not a reference to the model, either. As with so many things wonderfully Italian, it may be better to think less on it and enjoy more.

I regret not taking more pics from the cleaning and lubing process. I'll have to rectify that when I start to get it road-worthy.

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