New life for old bicycles

About Re-Cycled

Re-Cycled is all about bringing new life to old bicycles -- particularly steel-framed bikes from the '60s through the '90s. We're not a business. We don't do this for a living. We do it for the enjoyment.

Why those old bikes? Because we believe in many ways they represent something of a high-water mark of bicycles for ordinary people. Not racers. Ordinary people, who want a dependable yet enjoyable ride.

The lines are elegant and classic. Unlike today's bikes, which so often feature tortured transformer-like designs, these classic frames are lithe and sleek -- the artistic ideal of a bicycle looks a lot more like a steel frame than a modern carbon fiber wonder.

They're durable. They were, in most cases, built to last generations and still have a lot of life left in them. They just need a bit of love.

They're more comfortable. Longer wheelbases and slack geometry mean a much friendlier ride.

They're better all-arounders. Most of us are riding for pleasure. We go to the market. Enjoy a spin down a tree-lined paved trail. We're not training for the Tour De France. Our bikes should reflect that.

And they're a heckuva lot cheaper than a new Rivendell, too.

Hope you enjoy the blog. And the ride!

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