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Goodbye Raleigh

The completed Raleigh

I really enjoyed rebuilding the Raleigh Sports and learning so much more of the lore of these fascinating bikes and their indestructible three-speed hubs (thank you Sheldon Brown!) and I really liked riding it around. The upright position, the smoothness of the internal gearing, the character of it. I found it thoroughly charming and I savored every minute of the restoration, especially since this particular example was so close to the brink before I brought it back.

But really, it's quite a bit too big for me, and I can't keep them all. So on the market it went. And as it turned out it went to a very nice young lady who's already an avid rider, but wanted something fun and funky for around town. The lemon yellow Raleigh seems to fill the bill perfectly, so I think it went to a good home. I hope it's good to her for a long time. Raleigh sure built them to last.

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