New life for old bicycles

This is my first post.

So here we are, with a new bicycling web site. Why? There are so many, and what could I possibly have to say that Sheldon Brown didn't cover better decades ago?

Probably nothing. But...

  1. It's 2020, the world is collapsing, and like so many people I've been rediscovering simple joys of my youth, like bicycling. I was once an avid rider and racer. After decades of pursuing other interests, this feels like a homecoming.
  2. I need something to do.
  3. Just because it's surely all been said before doesn't mean I can't help anyone.
  4. I want to show off the successes. And be a cautionary tale for when things don't go so well.
  5. We can't have enough voices extolling the virtues of these old bikes.
  6. Did I mention I need something to do?

So here we are, with a new bicycling web site. Now to fill it up with (hopefully) useful and interesting things. We hope you enjoy the journey with us. You can read more about the site, if you like.

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